Fissure-Expert in Beloeil

Even in the charming town of Belœil, cracks on concrete foundations appear in buildings. When these flaws arise on the floor of your home, only an accurate diagnosis and quality repairs will preserve the value of your real estate heritage. At Fissure-Expert, our company specializing in the repair of these cracks on concrete foundations in Quebec, Canada, all our anti-crack work meets the highest standards.

Interior crack of foundation on concrete foundation in Beloeil

The interior crack detected during an inspection can significantly devalue the price of a home. This is why in the city of Beloeil, which has about 75% of homeowners, seeing these cracks appear on its concrete foundation can worry more than one. If the intervention is not systematic, the cracks that extend to the surface of the ground deserve the look of a professional in the field. They can come from construction defects, extreme weather conditions on this South Shore of Montreal, or natural cataclysms. The dosage of concrete, and the quality of the soil at the time of your work count, regardless of the age of the building. For a concrete crack repair, our professionals from the Fissure-Expert group carry out the high-pressure injection of flexible polyurethane, combined with epoxy, and plug the floor. These materials complement each other and ensure good insulation thanks to exceptional distinct properties. Applicable throughout the year from inside your home.

Waterproofing of exterior foundation cracks in Beloeil

external crack
on a foundation is a potential gateway to heat loss, moisture and even
water infiltration
into your home.

Starting by inspecting it carefully is our first advice, in order to give us a detailed description of the situation (superficial or deep fault, active or passive). Among the common causes, an external slit on
Concrete slab
stems from a fault located inside.

These observations will allow our team to diagnose the severity of the flaws. Fissure-Expert

will provide you with a better estimate of the cost of the work and the appropriate method to waterproof and repair this type of crack.

Excavation, installation of elastomeric waterproofing membrane, seals in length and then peripheral of the membrane precede the repositioning of the soil.

Crack repair in window corners in Beloeil

The window corners concentrate antagonistic pressures that promote the appearance of cracks all around or below said window, sometimes immediately after the construction of the building. When cracking occurs in its upper part, another will form every other time in its lower part.

The removal of concrete that hardens and shrinks over time predominates as a cause, provided that it is not just the plaster that cracks and gives an alarming picture of the actual cracking of the foundation.

Once the evaluation is complete, we proceed to the high-pressure injection of flexible polyurethane, or the installation of the elastomeric waterproof membrane.

Our expertise at your service

You will be able to benefit from all the expertise of Groupe Fissure Expert and see all the difference in quality existing on our repairs! For any question or repair on the cracks in your home, contact one of our experienced technicians at Groupe Fissure Expert inc.


Floor crack repair in Beloeil

If you live in the Vieux Belœil district, rue Saint-Jean-Baptiste, Chemin Trudeau, and your
starts to show suspicious cracks, the recognized experience of the Fissure-Expert group in
concrete slab repair
will bring you the best solution. We repair damaged surfaces of
, basements, porchs, patios when cracks occur due to moisture, water leaks or the subsidence of floors that affects Beloeil.

We detect cracks due to a poorly laid slab, poor finishes, without control joints, movements of the structure, overload of the slab, pyrite... Our expert technician then determines whether to repair the fault, rebuild the
concrete slab
, or not to intervene.

Our customers benefit from a 10-year, transferable written warranty on our repairs, a guarantee of our quality label and our commitment throughout Canada.


Repair of concrete joints in Beloeil

cold sealing requires a repair process very similar to repairing a
foundation crack
, although the two situations differ widely.

The concrete joint takes shape in a construction when the delay between two concrete pours exceeds the ideal duration and causes the first one to cool. It can then no longer merge with the second and takes on this aspect quite similar to a classic crack.

It threatens the structure of the building and frequently leads to water leaks. This requires high-pressure injection of flexible polyurethane effective for very narrow cracks. The installation of waterproof membrane of the elastomer type remains a quality alternative.


Repair of concrete holes and honeycombs in Beloeil

The occurrence of holes in your concrete foundation commonly called


threatens the stability of the structure of your building in Beloeil. Following deformations in its consolidation process, insufficient vibration of the concrete, these unsightly holes can give rise to water infiltration.

Our Fissure-Expert team helps you anticipate the problem and intervenes diligently for a 100% efficiency rate. Contact us from the Villas or Tournesol districts, near Mont-Saint-Hilaire or Highway 20 for the repair of holes in concrete. Our teams are based on the South Shore, North Shore and on the Island of Montreal.

Swimming pool

Repair of concrete pool cracks in Beloeil

Foundation crack is an uncommon problem on a
concrete pool
built to standards. When your expansion infrastructure shows water leaks, this is usually related to a construction defect or low-quality materials.

by shrinkage, or by the movement of the ground or foundation can be repaired thanks to the proven skills of each member of the Groupe Fissure-Expert team.

Get in touch with us for quality service and instant repair of any type of foundation cracks in the charming town of Beloeil.