Client testimonials


Comments left by our customers


“I am very satisfied with the work done.

The person who did the work (Jackson I believe) was polite, seemed very knowledgeable in his field, organized, methodical and seemed very efficient. He found cracks that I had not detected and today, I have peace of mind that by selling my house to my daughter in the coming months, that she will not have any problems and she too will have peace of mind.

I am someone who likes to understand and I asked a lot of questions and got answers to all of them.

P.S. as I am satisfied and confident with the work carried out, I even recommended your company to my financial advisor who told me about cracks in her house.”

Andre B.



“I am very satisfied with the services provided by your company. You have an exceptional team, thank you so much! ”

Anne B.


Quebec City

“This is the second time we do business with you and I’m still equally satisfied.”




“I live in West Montreal. I would like to thank you for the speed of your service and stress the exemplary work of Mr. Blondeau, who was happy to answer all my questions once on site.”




“As new homeowners, we were worried about a crack on our foundation. After contacting one of your technicians (from the Fissure Expert group), he was able to reassure us and quickly send your dedicated team to fix the situation. Thank you to your wonderful team! ”




“We wanted to emphasize our satisfaction with your company. You have respected your commitments both in terms of quality and the final price. ”



Lac Mégantique

“Thanks to Eric, for his availability to answer my many questions.”




“My father, who lives in the Montérégie region, used your services in the past and referred me to you (Groupe Fissure Expert). He said that I wouldn’t have a headache with you and that if I had doubts your technicians would answer all my questions. Today I confirm, having spent more than 20 minutes on the phone with one of your technicians, that they really are very competent.”




“I mainly appreciated the communication and follow-up from your company, keep up the good work.”




“We first retained the services of another company (company x) that did not show up. I contacted them (company x) and they told me they had larger contracts and would call us back to plan the work again. After losing an entire day waiting for them (company x), we contacted you. We were surprised to find that your technician contacted us before showing up as agreed and arrived at the time he told us, amazing. We will not repeat the same error twice. Thank you for all that consideration. ”

Chantal P.