Concrete floor crack repair

The concrete slab cracks that appear in our garages, basements, patios or even our steps are quite common. They often result from too much water or moisture in the room. The cause of a concrete slab crack can also be related to poor slab installation or poor workmanship.

A concrete slab crack can of course be repaired, but it is also possible to have it completely redone. To find out which option to choose, calling an expert is often necessary. An expert will be able to tell you if the concrete slab must be changed, repaired or even if no work is necessary at the time.

A concrete slab crack

Should you worry about a crack on a concrete slab?

Not in most cases. In reality, the sites most affected by these types of cracks are usually basement, garage, patio or porch slabs. In the majority of cases, this is a normal phenomenon due to the shrinkage of concrete during the drying period.

Several causes can lead to the appearance of a concrete slab crack.

The main causes of a concrete slab crack are well-known and numerous. We have selected a few among them:

  • Concrete shrinkage during drying is one of the most common causes.
  • Improper fill compaction or poor quality backfill may also have an impact on concrete slab cracks.
  • The absence of control joints, structural movements or hydrostatic pressure are also major causes of such cracks.
  • Slab overload must be checked since it can cause a crack on your concrete slabs.

For concrete slabs on your porches or patios in particular, freezing and thawing can explain crevices that appear.

Finally, pyrite is a cause that should not be neglected. This mineral composed of iron disulfide was used in the backfill around the foundations of various buildings. In Quebec, its use has been fairly widespread and it has also been used as a component for concrete in Trois-Rivières. Pyrite has been responsible for the weakening of foundations due to cracks caused by swelling. This swelling is created by pyrite reacting with water, air and lime from the concrete.

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Should this type of crack be repaired?

There are different solutions to such a problem. Each case has its own characteristics. Foundation Crack Expert Group recommends directly contacting one of its technicians who can answer all your questions about concrete slab crack repairs.

Resulting from various causes, a concrete slab crack is sometimes hard to characterize. However, the cause must be identified when repairing it to avoid recurrence.

For any questions or to request a concrete slab crack repair, contact our team. Our experts will be able to provide the help you need.