Concrete repair for holes and honeycombs

Concrete is subject to many disintegration problems that gradually put structural stability at risk. Similarly, the cement plaster laid on the foundations must sometimes be repaired, as it can become detached from the foundation.

Concrete hole formation: what repairs are possible?

Concrete is a material that can undergo various deformations. During the consolidation process, concrete is subject to shrinkage, usually resulting in cracks or holes in visible parts. Most often, you will notice the presence of holes or honeycombs in the concrete structure. The problem of holes in concrete can stem from improper placement of the material and lack of vibration applied to it.

In most cases, the consequences will only be aesthetic. However, holes can cause water infiltration, which can be a serious danger to your building. For this reason, we strongly recommend preventively repairing concrete with holes in it to avoid future problems. But what happens if the problem of concrete holes is not addressed on time?

In many cases, homeowners will wait until a water infiltration is detected in the basement to plan foundation repairs. However, it is recommended to repair concrete holes well before the first leakage appears. Foundation Crack Expert Group specialists can carry out the process of rebuilding concrete foundations at this stage.

The following photos are examples of honeycombs:


How can you repair concrete holes?

The repair technique must be chosen according to the causes of concrete holes. Our experts can assess the damage suffered by your concrete foundations and give you all the necessary information to define the causes of the concrete holes.

This assessment will enable our team to define the most appropriate type of repair. There are several solutions for fixing holes in concrete. At Foundation Crack Expert Group, we use flexible polyurethane or epoxy to repair concrete cracks. To make these materials effective, Foundation Crack Expert Group practices different techniques such as high-pressure injection or low-pressure injection to seal honeycombs in concrete.

High-pressure injection enables us to insert a liquid, notably polyurethane, into a very narrow crack at immense pressure. This effect makes it possible to penetrate any type of crack with a 100% efficiency rate.

Low-pressure injection makes it possible to insert a liquid at a very low pressure into a narrow crack. Low-pressure injection is based on the principle of gravity rather than the pressure itself. The pressure used is around 50 lb/in².

The application of these products using our techniques allows your foundations to regain their waterproofing and strength.

Foundation Crack Expert Group guaranteed repairs

Foundation Crack Expert Group is committed to providing each of our customers with maximum satisfaction. All our concrete hole and crack repairs are assured to be long-lasting and guaranteed* 10 years transferable. That’s the Foundation Crack Expert Group guarantee!

To avoid problems with holes in your concrete and guarantee a comprehensive and quick repair, contact one of our offices.

(*) Certain restrictions apply