Elevator pit repair and maintenance

The construction of an elevator often requires the excavation of an elevator pit which is dug at its base and then filled with concrete. This pit is where the various mechanical elements of the elevator, such as shock absorbers, are placed.

Foundation Crack Expert Group offers a range of services designed to keep elevator pits in excellent condition for the proper functioning of elevators and freight elevators and the safety of passengers.

Elevator pit waterproofing by polyurethane injection

Similar to the foundations of a building, concrete elevator pits can deteriorate and even crack, causing water infiltration. Our team can restore the waterproofing of an elevator pit using a polyurethane injection.

This allows the work to be done at any time of the year, even if there is water infiltration when the crack is repaired.


Elevator pit lining

Lining an elevator pit is a procedure that prevents deterioration of the equipment in the pit by preventing water infiltration caused by hydrostatic pressure.

Our team can perform this task by applying a water-repellent coating or a special mortar to the elevator shaft walls.

Elevator pit cleaning

Regular elevator pit cleaning is essential for the efficiency and safety of an elevator. This procedure can also help extend the life of an elevator or freight elevator.

Our team can perform this task periodically or as needed, always with the same care and attention paid to leaving your elevator pit in impeccable condition.


Elevator pit restoration

With time and intensive use, an elevator pit can become damaged and require a complete restoration.

In this situation, you can trust our team of elevator pit restoration specialists. Our team will spare no effort in delivering a strong and waterproof elevator pit that will provide ample protection for the mechanical elements it houses.


Guaranteed repairs from Foundation Crack Expert Group

Foundation Crack Expert Group is committed to providing each and every one of our clients with maximum satisfaction. You can benefit from our extensive experience when carrying out your repairs, guaranteeing the durability of the work carried out. This is the Foundation Crack Expert Group guarantee!

Contact one of our branches to prevent problems with your elevator pit and get a quick and comprehensive repair service.