Exterior Foundation Crack Repair & Waterproofing

Exterior Foundation Crack Repair & Waterproofing

Foundation Crack Expert Group specializes in crack repair across Canada. Our services include repairing and waterproofing exterior foundation cracks. Like interior cracks, exterior cracks can be repaired with minimal equipment. The repair procedure also entails waterproofing your foundation.

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What to Do if You Find Exterior Foundation Cracks

Once you notice an exterior crack in your foundation, you should do a few inspections yourself before calling in repair professionals. Describe your situation in detail to receive a more accurate quote and avoid any unwanted surprises!


Inspect the interior

The first order of action is to inspect the interior of your foundation. It’s possible for exterior cracks to be symptoms of a crack inside the foundation. Foundation repair professionals do not always use the same techniques to seal foundation cracks. That’s why it’s especially important to properly inspect your entire foundation in order to take the appropriate steps to repair it.


Deep or superficial cracks?

You can try removing a small section of the cracked plaster to see if the whole wall is cracked, not just the plaster.

Our expertise at your service

You will be able to benefit from all the expertise of the Crack Expert Group and see all the difference in quality existing on our repairs! For any questions or repairs to cracks in your home, contact one of our experienced technicians from Groupe Fissure Expert inc..

What is the Procedure for Repairing Exterior Foundation Cracks?

After you’ve determined that there is an exterior crack, you should have a professional inspect the cracked foundation.

At Foundation Crack Expert Group, our technicians follow a 5-step process to repair and waterproof exterior foundation cracks:

  • Step1: Excavate and prepare the foundation
  • Step2: Seal the entire length of the crack
  • Step3: Install a 60-mil thick elastomeric waterproofing membrane
  • Step 4: Seal the perimeter of the membrane
  • Step 5: Replace the flooring



Contact Us to Repair Your Exterior Foundation Crack

While most outdoor foundation cracks do not pose an immediate threat, you should monitor and address the problem. Contacting a professional to assess the crack is still a good idea.

We have a team of waterproofing and foundation repair experts at your service. We even offer a 10-year warranty on all crack and concrete hole repairs!* That’s the Foundation Crack Expert Group guarantee. In addition to our exterior foundation crack repair, we also offer window crack repair, floor crack repair and pool crack repair services.

Have you noticed a crack in the exterior of your foundation? Contact us today, and we’ll help you resolve it!

(*) Certain restrictions apply.