Foundation Crack Expert Group concrete repair training courses

cours de formationAt Foundation Crack Expert Group, we are well aware that having good knowledge in the foundation crack repair field is important and the technical aspect cannot be improvised. For this reason, we offer training courses that teach you the different foundation crack repair techniques in the residential sector.

Technical training: Experience that guarantees quality

Our training courses are designed to train people who want to learn or improve in the field of foundation or wall crack repair.

Only experienced Foundation Crack Expert Group technicians from one of our centers that have received the authorized training and applicator certification will be able to train you effectively. All the technical training courses in wall or floor crack repairs have the same requirements met by the Foundation Crack Expert Group.

Training: High-pressure concrete crack injection technique

The Foundation Crack Expert Group training courses will enable you to acquire all high-pressure injection techniques for the lasting repair of concrete cracks. High-pressure injection is a crack repair technique that has been approved by Foundation Crack Expert Group specialists for many years.

Come and learn this technique yourself with our training.

45 degree drilling guide

This tool allows you to make holes at a 45 degree angle in order to reach the crack with precision.

The training program and its modalities

Training dates

Our training terms of payment

  • Duration: 2 days and ½
  • Cost: $3000 + taxes
  • Payment methods: cash or credit card
  • Reservation : 1 877 357-9880, ext. 124 (no charge)

A deposit of $500 + taxes is required to approve your reservation. Please note that this amount is non-refundable. The balance ($2500 + taxes) must be paid, at the latest, the morning of the training. A receipt will be issued for each amount.

Companies wishing to provide their employees with the training will be able to register at an additional cost of $1000 per person.

Our location (training courses)

Program: Practical training (2 days)

A two-day introduction to the high-pressure injection technique is planned to familiarize you with the technique. A technician with experience in the residential sector provides support throughout the introduction.

Program: Technical training (½ day)

  1.  Equipments demonstration.
  2.  Product demonstration.

Major advantages of our training

Everyone who takes our foundation crack repair training receives ongoing technical support. Foundation Crack Expert Group provides support throughout the training and remains at your disposal to answer all your questions.

The purpose of our training is to provide you with the most appropriate solutions to your needs and enable you to acquire better knowledge and experience in the field. At Foundation Crack Expert Group, we are committed to your company’s success and development.

To register for one of our training courses or get answers to your questions, contact one of our specialists now!

Crack repair equipment

We also sell all equipment and products related to concrete crack repair

Here is an example of a starter kit that will allow you to repair four 8-foot cracks:

Total (taxes not included)                                                                                                           $3,355.50

Once your polyurethane injection pump is acquired, you only have to buy the products.
The product cost is approximately $8 to $12 for 1 linear foot of crack.


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