Fissure-Expert in LaSalle

It is undeniable that life is good in LaSalle, one of the 19 boroughs of the city of Montreal. On the other hand, most of the inhabitants of this neighborhood are faced with a situation: cracks in the walls and foundations. Given their size and frequency, they can be dangerous to your home. To prevent them from becoming more widespread, the ideal is to call on a technician to reseal them quickly and professionally. In this district, the company Fissure-Expert is working to solve this problem.

Inner crack of concrete on concrete foundation in LaSalle

An inner crack of concrete is not a good sign for your structure. It represents a danger for your home in general and especially for its waterproofing. At Fissure-Expert, our team caulks cracks on concrete foundations. We are also extending our scope to cracks in buildings in LaSalle. Our method of injecting flexible polyurethane into high pressure allows you to reseal the floor of your house on Airlie Street or near Angrignon Park. This product is one of the most used to repair cracks on foundation. In addition, this technique ensures the insulation of your home.

Waterproofing of exterior foundation cracks in LaSalle

In LaSalle, Fissure-Expert is one of the best companies that performs exterior crack repairs. Different techniques are used by our professionals to solve this problem. Thus, for an effective repair, we carry out the waterproofing of external foundation cracks. This is a successor technique to high-pressure polyurethane injection. It makes the repair more optimal. Indeed, it consists in installing an elastomeric membrane inside the crack. Thanks to this material, moisture will not get the better of your wall, because it protects it from any water infiltration.

Crack repair in window corners in LaSalle

Cracks can appear anywhere in your home that is on Newman Boulevard. Thus, you can find them in the corners of your window. The causes of this phenomenon are of various kinds. It may be a construction defect, or the cause may simply have a natural origin.

To carry out the repairs, the professionals of Fissure-Expert carry out an injection of high-pressure flexible polyurethane. This is to overcome the problem. What is more, for more efficiency the company does a waterproofing. This further ensures the repair of the crack for a ten-year warranty.

Our expertise at your service

You will be able to benefit from all the expertise of Groupe Fissure Expert and see all the difference in quality existing on our repairs! For any question or repair on the cracks in your home, contact one of our experienced technicians at Groupe Fissure Expert inc.


Floor crack repair in LaSalle

In your
, you have surely noticed cracks on your concrete slab. This can result from several causes. The appearance of these cracks can be for example due to an overload of the slab, a removal of the concrete during its drying or a poor compaction of the embankment.

As soon as you notice the appearance of these cracks, you must call on Fissure-Expert, especially if you are located in LaSalle. Specialists will be able to cover the slab to solve the problem. They will also use other effective techniques for a good result.


Concrete joint repair in LaSalle

are also phenomena that can harm the structure of your concrete foundation. They often appear during the process of laying concrete. These cold seals are sometimes similar to cracks. Only one of our experts will be able to make a difference. Thus, he will know which technique to apply to solve the problem. This is the specialty of Fissure-expert. Different methods will be put in place by our company to carry out the necessary repairs.


Repair of concrete holes and honeycomb in LaSalle

Another phenomenon that appears on the concrete foundation of the houses on Riverview Avenue in the Lyette Street area is honeycombs. These are consequences most often due to construction defects. Truth be told, to repair these holes in concrete that make the residences in LaSalle ugly, we must first learn about their causes. It is as a result of this that the experts will be able to carry out the necessary repairs. Thus, they will know if it requires a polyurethane injection or not.

Swimming pool

Concrete Pool Crack Repair in LaSalle

One of our specializations is the repair of cracked concrete pools in LaSalle. By the way, this state of affairs can alter the structure of the infrastructure and lead to further damage. To repair them, it is important to call on professionals like Fissure-Expert. In LaSalle, our expertise in this field has allowed many customers in this borough to find their swimming pool in good condition.

In reality, capping consists of making injections of polyurethane or epoxy at low or high pressure.

In short, call on this Fissure-Expert to seal all kinds of cracks in LaSalle – Montreal.