Fissure-Expert in Laval

In the city of Laval (North Shore of Montreal), there is a crack repair company on concrete walls and foundations. This is the Fissure-Expert group, which provides the inhabitants of the city with several services. To guarantee quality work, you have an experienced and qualified team for carrying out crack clogging tasks. Discover below the different services offered by Fissure-Expert in Laval-North Shore of Montreal.

Interior crack of foundation on concrete foundation in Laval

In Laval, interior cracks in foundations are a common phenomenon that is observed on old and new housing. They can become a complicated situation and a danger to your home and well-being if you don't take the right steps. Once in this case, only one solution is available to you: call the company Fissure-Expert. Indeed, several factors are at the root of the appearance of interior foundation cracks. After a meticulous diagnosis by our proven technicians, they will set up the different solutions to repair these cracks. Among the resolutions, there is the high-pressure injection of flexible polyurethane. We also use epoxy for an impeccable rendering.

Waterproofing of exterior foundation cracks in Laval

To make the external cracks of your foundation waterproof, you can trust the experience of the Fissure-Expert intervention group. The beginning of the work begins with a thorough inspection. Our professionals give you indications for an accurate analysis of the situation. This allows you to establish a quote according to your needs.

And to waterproof the exterior foundation slots, we follow the following steps: excavation, sealing, installation of elastomeric waterproofing membrane and re-installation of the soil of your foundation.

Repair of cracks in window corners in Laval

Do you have cracks in the corners of the window or under it? No problem. The Fissure-Expert group in Laval (North Shore of Montreal) makes a diagnosis to determine the causes of the appearance of breaches. After that, the repair team adapts the solutions to fix this problem. Among the available measures is the installation of an elastomeric waterproof membrane. This technique is fast, effective and definitive against window corner cracks. Forget the occasional handyman and trust Fissure Expert who covers the entire city of Laval.

Our expertise at your service

You will be able to benefit from all the expertise of Groupe Fissure Expert and see all the difference in quality existing on our repairs! For any question or repair on the cracks in your home, contact one of our experienced technicians at Groupe Fissure Expert inc.


Floor crack repair in Laval

Moisture and water infiltration are the cause of cracks on floors. Similarly, a bad installation or finish of your slab can have an influence on the appearance of floor cracks. These problems can be solved and to achieve this, it is advisable to call on a professional in the field. To this end, we advise you, our company specialized in the field of floor crack repair. With Fissure-Expert, you don't have to worry. We are the professionals in clogging concrete slabs that are at the level of the floor of the garage, the basement ...


Repair of concrete joints in Laval

For the repair of concrete joints, there is only one solution. This is Fissure-Expert, a concrete joint repair company in Laval, North Shore of Montreal. To help you solve such a problem. It is necessary for our company to do an inspection and then draw up a quote. After detecting the problem, we find the appropriate solution. The latter involves the application of several measures such as: the injection procedure which is done through the introduction of a liquid into the open cracks. There are other very effective solutions that we use.


Repair of holes in concrete and honeycomb in Laval

The repair of holes in concrete and honeycomb is done by the application of several processes. Among the solutions available is injection. It is a technique that is done along the concrete crack and from the bottom to the top. Afterwards, we also use the waterproof membrane installation technique. These recapping methods prevent water infiltration. The concrete joint will last much longer. The best solution to achieve this goal is to call on our experienced team located in Chomedey (Laval).

Swimming pool

Concrete pool crack repair in Laval

Concrete pool cracks are caused, among other things, by ground movements. When you are in this situation, it is recommended to hire a professional. And in this area, only one address to contact: Fissure-Expert in Laval North Shore of Montreal. An experienced staff offers you an efficient and fast service. To solve this problem, we make use of several solutions such as high-pressure injection of flexible polyurethane.

In conclusion, contact our company and benefit from our know-how and advice to repair all kinds of cracks in Île Perrot.