Fissure-Expert in Saint-Laurent

The cracks observed inside or outside a house are of various origins. Generally found on walls and roofs, they can also affect the foundations and floors of your home. For several years, Fissure-Expert, a company specialized in the repair of these problems, has been providing you with competent technicians. In particular, we offer quality services with a 10-year warranty in Saint-Laurent, the largest borough in Montreal.

Interior crack of foundation on concrete foundation in Saint-Laurent

Due to several factors (weather, poor quality of concrete, etc.), cracks affect both the superstructure of a building and its infrastructure. When interior cracks appear at the foundation, it is important to repair them as soon as possible to avoid possible serious problems. For this purpose, we offer several techniques, including high-pressure injection of flexible polyurethane for their treatment. Our competent professionals accompany you and offer you solutions for the protection of your home. They use effective products such as epoxy to repair the foundation of your buildings located in the Montpellier village area or near the Bois-Franc in Saint-Laurent.

Waterproofing of exterior foundation cracks in Saint-Laurent

We are also able to repair the external cracks of your concrete foundations. In reality, these faults not only affect the interior, but can extend to the outer part of the basement structures. Even if they do not represent an immediate danger, they can create problems several years later. In view of them, it is advisable to contact an expert for a general inspection of the structure who will be responsible for proposing adequate solutions. The installation of a French drain , for example, can limit cracks in foundations, as it prevents water from attacking this part of the construction. To this end, Fissure-Expert is particularly good at accompanying you to Saint-Laurent. In addition, we carry out the waterproofing of these external cracks in order to block the infiltration of water.

Repair of cracks in window corners in Saint-Laurent

Flaws in the corners and under the windows are also common problems in the building that you need to look into. For this, we offer you the best services throughout the city of Saint-Laurent by putting at your disposal efficient technicians. Whether you are in Marlborough or New St. Lawrence, our experts are ready to visit you. They make use of safe techniques such as the installation of waterproof membranes or the injection of flexible polyurethane.

Our expertise at your service

You will be able to benefit from all the expertise of Groupe Fissure Expert and see all the difference in quality existing on our repairs! For any question or repair on the cracks in your home, contact one of our experienced technicians at Groupe Fissure Expert inc.


Floor crack repair in Saint-Laurent

The floors of a house are also places where cracks are found, especially for concrete slabs. Poor finishing or laying, abundance of water, etc. are all factors that are the origin of this state of affairs. You also need to treat these problems not only to prevent a particular risk, but also for the aesthetics of your home. For this purpose, Fissure-Expert is intended to seal your slabs in the best possible way and prevent water infiltration into your home. These breaches can also have an impact on the thermal insulation of the building. Thus, throughout the Saint-Laurent region (Norvick, Charmeran, etc.), our experts are ready to assist you in the repair of concrete slabs.


Repair of concrete joints in Saint-Laurent

The Fissure-Expert Fondation group is also specialized in the repair of concrete joints that closely resemble the cracks observed in facades. The latter are observed when it has taken too long to pour between two layers of concrete. To treat them, trust us and take advantage of our 10-year warranty. The repair technique is not too different from that of faults in the walls (injection and installation of waterproof membrane).


Repair of concrete holes and honeycomb in Saint-Laurent

Honeycombs are kinds of aggregations and are encountered in some places when the concrete has not been well vibrated. In addition, holes in concrete are also problems encountered at the level of poorly poured concrete. Even if they do not create notorious consequences, these two phenomena can be dangerous in some places. So you need to think about a repair of holes in concrete by soliciting experts in the field. Fissure-Expert absolutely responds to this. Our professionals have enough experience to offer you the best alternatives in the field in Vieux-Saint-Laurent or elsewhere.

Swimming pool

Repair of concrete pool cracks in Saint-Laurent

The installation of concrete pools is a solid work. Nevertheless, the latter can sometimes crack. In this case, it is necessary to call on professionals in concrete crack repair. There are various ways to deal with this problem. However, sealing remains the best alternative. Our technicians use this safe method to make your concrete waterproof. We are available throughout the Technoparc de Saint-Laurent region. Do not hesitate to contact us!