Fissure-Expert in Sainte-Julie

Sainte-Julie is a town of the Regional County Municipality (RCM) on the South Shore of Montreal that is not spared by cracks on concrete foundations. This affects the beauty and durability of buildings. To remedy this problem, the intervention of a professional company such as Fissure-Expert is recommended. In fact, we specialize in the repair of cracks on concrete walls and foundations in the North Shore, South Shore and On the Island of Montreal. Discover in this article our different services.

Interior crack of foundation on concrete foundation in Sainte-Julie

The appearance of interior cracks on your foundation in Sainte-Julie is particularly caused by weather factors and the harshness of the climate. For example, during snowmelt, water in the ground exerts force on the foundation. From there are born the small cracks which in turn cause water infiltration into the basement. In addition, the poor quality of the concrete used during the foundation and soil also explains the appearance of these cracks. In addition, when the French drain is clogged, the appearance of cracks is inevitable. In this situation, the ideal is to have these cracks repaired by experts. The Fissure-Expert Group specializes in this mission. For these cases, we use the high-pressure or pressure-based injection technique of two products with different properties. These include flexible polyurethane and epoxy.

Waterproofing of exterior foundation cracks in Sainte-Julie

Our company is still specialized in

Waterproofing of external foundation cracks. In order to repair these cracks, simple materials are used as in the case of internal cracks. We put at

your disposal professional

and experienced technicians to carry out the operation following a well-defined procedure.

Trust our team that intervenes in District Sainte-Julie to solve all your problems of external foundation cracks.

Repair of cracks in window corners in Sainte-Julie

Cracks in window corners are also phenomena that are frequently observed on concrete foundations in the Domaine-des-Hauts-Bois and elsewhere in Sainte-Julie. They always start by appearing from the upper or lower part of the windows to extend respectively towards the roof or the floor. However, it is not excluded to find them under the foundation windows. Whatever the situation, we know how to fix them, because we have already encountered these many cases during our thousands of missions in Quebec.

The high-pressure injection of polyurethane and the installation of impermeable elastomeric membrane are the two techniques mainly used with us. This technique is complete, fast and produces a lasting result. To avoid once for good any crack problem in your home, contact our company that offers you safe and durable solutions over time with a transferable 10-year warranty


Our expertise at your service

You will be able to benefit from all the expertise of Groupe Fissure Expert and see all the difference in quality existing on our repairs! For any question or repair on the cracks in your home, contact one of our experienced technicians at Groupe Fissure Expert inc.


Repair of floor cracks in Sainte-Julie

The company Fissure-Expert is also specialized in the repair of cracks on slabs. These cracks are usually caused by a strong presence of water or a poor finish of the slab. So, to repair them to prevent water infiltration inside the house in Sainte-Julie - South Shore of Montreal, you can contact us. We are the best local company that will be able to effectively respond to all your crack problems with bygone expertise.


Repair of concrete joints in Sainte-Julie


of concrete joints

or cold joints is similar to that of cracks although different in their characteristics. Sometimes this type of defect can be confused with a crack with the difference that it does not let water through like a crack. But, if this gap lasts over time, it can lead to serious problems. For this, our company Fissure-Expert offers its service to help you repair this problem as soon as possible, anywhere in the city of Sainte-Julie. Our technicians use a technique consisting of injecting flexible polyurethane at high pressure. This injection is particularly done along the crack from the bottom to the top and produces indisputable results. We also use the installation of an elastomeric waterproof membrane.


Repair of holes in concrete or honeycomb in Sainte-Julie

Concrete is a substance capable of undergoing different deformations. These deformations very often occur at the time of consolidation and are at the base of the holes that are observed on the visible parts called honeycomb. In order to avoid future problems, it is of great importance to think about repairing them. At Fissure-Expert, to safely identify the right solution to this type of crack, we first analyze the damage to your foundations. It is only after the results of this diagnosis that we begin the actual repair. We are present throughout the city and in this case in the area of Highway 20 of Sainte-Julie.

Swimming pool

Repair of concrete pool cracks in Sainte-Julie

You are concerned about the presence of pool cracks in your home. This phenomenon is common on the South Shore of Montreal and is linked to the movement of soils and foundations. The mediocrity of the materials used in the construction of the pool is also a cause. All this destabilizes the concrete structure of your pool. To avoid this state of affairs, we offer you our expertise. We repair these types of breaches after analysis.