Fissure-Expert in Toronto

Over time, a construction ends up showing signs of decay such as cracks. In Toronto, in Ontario's capital, it's not just old buildings that are broken. Even new buildings can have them. To solve this problem and continue to enjoy comfort, it is essential that you call on our company: Fissure-Expert. We offer several ranges of crack repair services in Toronto – Central East and West.

Interior crack of foundation on concrete foundation in Toronto

Exposed to the weather, the concrete foundation of your home may have cracks in places. Several other causes can be at the root of this degradation of the foundation. This may be due to the poor quality of concrete when laying the foundation. Our expert company in its field is the most suitable to repair the interior slot of your foundations. One of our teams will come to your home in Toronto in the West Sector (Little Italy, Parkdale, etc.) to satisfy you.

Waterproofing of exterior foundation cracks in Toronto

After a personal inspection of your home, you found that it has external cracks in its foundation. So, we must not delay in having it repaired. If you are in High Park North (Toronto – Central West), the only experts for a
foundation crack
to contact are those of our company.

Indeed, the company has already demonstrated throughout Canada, its expertise in the repair of cracks of all kinds in buildings. We waterproof the external crack

at the foundation and make a French drain


Crack repair in window corners in Toronto

Cracks appear in window corners in Toronto's central neighbourhoods (Eglinton West or Yonge & Eglinton). They are also often present under windows. They appear in these places at any time after the wall has been built.

These cracks can affect
of the house. Worse, they promote
water infiltration
to the inside of the house creating risks of electrocution.

When called, our company first carries out an analysis of the situation to determine the exact nature of the crack. Then we proceed to the repair using the best tools and materials such as resin
to promote the hardening of the wall structure.

Our expertise at your service

You will be able to benefit from all the expertise of Groupe Fissure Expert and see all the difference in quality existing on our repairs! For any question or repair on the cracks in your home, contact one of our experienced technicians at Groupe Fissure Expert inc.


Floor Crack Repair in Toronto

It is not uncommon to see cracks in the concrete slab in the frame of a house in Rosedale (Toronto) in places

. You can notice them in your garage or even on the steps of your home. The causes of such a situation are diverse. It can be the consequence of a bad installation of the slab.

The presence of these cracks in the floor promotes the entry of moisture into the structure of the building. This gradually contributes to the degradation of this structure.

The repair of concrete slabs must imperatively be entrusted to our professionals to avoid recurrence.


Concrete Joint Repair in Toronto

Often, during the laying of concrete, a concrete joint can form

. The cause is the relatively long delay between two successive concrete pours. This joint is usually confused with a crack in the concrete structure. The fact is that they are similar when viewed with the naked eye.

The concrete joint is a structural fault that allows water to seep into the concrete structure and therefore into the house.

To repair the concrete joint, professionals like us use the same techniques as those used to repair cracks. These techniques have more than once proven their effectiveness in this city of 2,615,060 inhabitants (2011).


Concrete hole and honeycomb repair in Toronto

The structure of a concrete is never immune to all the factors of its degradation. This often affects its stability. During its consolidation, the concrete can be removed. The direct consequence of this fact is the appearance of holes in the concrete. You can also see the presence of honeycombs in the concrete.

This flaw in the concrete structure is due to the fact that the pouring was made unprofessionally or that it was not sufficiently vibrated. That's why you need to entrust your repair of holes in concrete to experts in the field. We have accumulated a lot of experience in this field during our many missions on this northwest shore of Lake Ontario.

Swimming pool

Concrete Pool Crack Repair in Toronto

Generally, the concrete pool is perfectly resistant to bad weather and especially to moisture, and this for a very long time. Unfortunately, this strength eventually weakens and crevices appear in the concrete structure.

Cracks appear most of the time in places where the water stagnates. You can see them with the naked eye. One of the causes of the appearance of breaches in the concrete of the pool is the movement of the ground.

It is essential to entrust the
concrete crack repair
to specialists like Fissure-Expert. We always carry out an analysis of the nature of the soil. Then we do the repair by high-pressure or low-pressure injection techniques of flexible polyurethane. The method of installing elastomer-type waterproofing membrane is also performed.