Fissure-Expert in Vaughan

Whether at the roof, foundation or wall level of a building, cracks can appear at any time in Vaughan buildings. This may be because the structure was poorly built or because the bad weather was of great violence against it. In any case, a house that has internal or external cracks requires the intervention of professionals. Fissure-Expert is the company empowered to respond to you efficiently and sustainably in Vaughan – Central East and West.

Interior foundation crack on concrete foundation in Vaughan

An interior crack in a foundation can be caused by bad weather. Vaughan, like all of Canada, is known for its climate not always soft with concrete structures. However, the quality of the concrete can also be the cause of these cracks. This is mainly the reason why, if you live in Vaughan Central East & West, you must call on the professionals of the Fissure-Expert Foundation Group. One of our teams of concrete foundation experts will come to your home as soon as possible for a professional intervention. At Fissure-Expert, our high-pressure injection technique with flexible polyurethane combined with epoxy gives great results.

Waterproofing of exterior foundation cracks in Vaughan

When you notice that there are exterior cracks on the foundation of your home and you call us, we first proceed to a review of the situation. Because of this, we know what good solution to apply to each
external crack.

This is because not all foundation cracks have the same cause. Not identifying this cause before proceeding with the repair is to give the cracks the chance to appear again.

If you live in Vaughan, a city with 306,233 residents (2016) and need a crack repair, call us as soon as possible, as these faults promote water infiltration into the house. To achieve this, we restore theSealing of concrete by the installation of an elastomeric waterproofing membrane.

Crack repair in window corners in Vaughan

In the opinion of experts that we are, many houses in
Vaughan - Central East and West have cracks in the corners of their windows.

Most of the time, they appear in the upper parts of the windows. There is also a 50% chance that they will appear in the lower parts of windows.

These cracks are usually caused by the removal of concrete. Indeed, the shrinkage of concrete generates the appearance of lizards.

To repair this anomaly in the structure of the wall, our technicians inject flexible polyurethane. The injection is done at high pressure. We can also install waterproof membrane in the place.

Our expertise at your service

You will be able to benefit from all the expertise of Groupe Fissure Expert and see all the difference in quality existing on our repairs! For any question or repair on the cracks in your home, contact one of our experienced technicians at Groupe Fissure Expert inc.


Floor Crack Repair in Vaughan

In your garage or basement, you may notice cracks in the

concrete slab

. One of the causes of this situation is the poor finish of the structure.

Fortunately, it is possible to carry out concrete

crack repair

. It is sometimes necessary to remove everything in order to re-lay the floor concrete.

The choice must be made under the advice of an expert in the field. This is why it is useful to call on the Groupe Fissure-Expert Fondation for a repair of concrete slabs in Vaughan
Central East & West and across Canada.


Concrete Joint Repair in Vaughan

Many people confuse

concrete joint

and foundation crack. This is normal, because the two are similar. However, they are not the same, because the concrete joint appears because of the more or less long delay between two concrete pours. As the first casting is already hardening, the second can no longer associate with it normally.

The presence of concrete joint can affect the

insulation system

of the house. Our company has the tools as well as the necessary expertise to repair cold concrete joints. The technique used is similar to that used to repair a crack. Under certain conditions, we guarantee the sustainability of our results over 10 years.


Concrete hole and honeycomb repair in Vaughan

Concrete can deform in several ways. As it consolidates, the concrete retreats, generating either holes or honeycombs. All this is visible in the structure of the concrete.

These anomalies could have been avoided if the concrete had been properly put in place and then vibrated as it should be. The appearance of the concrete façade is generally degraded. However, what there is to fear is the infiltration of water into the concrete structure.

During its intervention, our expert company in the repair of holes in concrete, proceeds above all, to a

French drain

in order to remove the infiltrated water. Contact one of our experts if you live in Vaughan,
this multicultural commune

Swimming pool

Concrete Pool Crack Repair in Vaughan

Pool concretes are often weather resistant. Unfortunately, soil movements affect the structure of the
concrete pool
thus revealing breaches.

In addition to these ground movements, the poor quality of the materials used to build the pool can be the cause of the appearance of breakage. With us, we use first-class materials, including epoxy


, to promote the hardening of concrete.