French Interior Drain Installation Service

The French indoor drain installation service offered by Fissure Expert is an effective and less intrusive way to manage groundwater and runoff that can cause damage to your property. This solution, built entirely inside the basement of your building, avoids the need to excavate the entire outer perimeter.

Our procedure involves creating a trench in the concrete slab that runs along your foundation walls. It is in this trench that we install a perforated French drain. We ensure that the trench has a slope directing water to a pit specially designed to accommodate a sump pump.

We mainly use a narrow but considerable height drain system, allowing a smaller opening in the concrete slab while ensuring very efficient water drainage and hydrostatic pressure management.

Following installation, we carefully close the trench to restore the original appearance of your basement.

Like the outdoor foundation drain, which is widespread in Quebec, the French indoor drain serves as an effective barrier against water infiltration. It consists of a perforated pipe covered with stone to prevent obstruction by impurities and is located under the existing concrete slab of the foundation.

The system collects groundwater and runoff water that could seep into the basement and routes it to a sump pump, which evacuates it out of the basement. The ultimate goal is to keep your foundation dry and protected.


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French Interior Drain Repair Service

At Fissure Expert, we offer not only the installation of French interior drains, but also their repair. We understand that drainage issues can cause significant damage to your property, which is why we are dedicated to providing a quick and efficient repair service.

Our specialists are equipped to handle all types of interior drainage problems. Whether your French interior drain is clogged, damaged or functioning suboptimally, we have the skills and tools to restore its effectiveness.

The repair process begins with a thorough diagnosis to determine the cause of the problem. Once we have identified the problem, we establish a customized repair plan for your specific situation.

Our repair service includes restoring the functionality of the drain, removing obstructions, repairing cracks or breaks in the pipe, and rectifying any improper slopes that could prevent water from flowing properly. In addition, if necessary, we reinstall the sump pump to ensure effective drainage of water out of the basement.

At the end of the repair, we make sure to carefully close the trench to restore the original appearance of your basement.

Opt for our French interior drain repair service and make sure your drainage system is working optimally, protecting your property from damage caused by water infiltration.