Fissure-Expert in Gatineau

With a population of more than 290,000 inhabitants (2020), the city of Gatineau has beautiful homes for a quality life. But, a crack in a wall when not repaired can become a real problem. When you notice this, you should quickly call on a professional like Fissure Expert. Our company offers various services in repair of foundation cracks.

Interior crack of foundation on concrete foundation in Gatineau — Hull

This type of crack appears when buildings are subject to strong weather and climate conditions. This can also be caused by the poor quality of the concrete or the conditions under which the foundation was made. In either case, when interior cracks appear in your walls, you must call on our professionals. To do this, they will use various techniques. One of them is the use of high-pressure injection of flexible polyurethane. It is a method that consists of closing a crack by taking from inside the house. There is also the use of low-pressure injection. These two techniques are the most effective for interior crack repair. In short, whatever the technique used, you benefit from a 10-year warranty.

Waterproofing of exterior foundation cracks in Gatineau

Another area of expertise from

, is the waterproofing of foundation external crack. This is indeed a technique that consists in preventing the infiltration of water through the crack spotted in your wall. However, before the intervention of the professionals, you must first carry out an inspection of the foundation that has been cracked. Only after this will the company be able to carry out the repair and waterproofing by proceeding by the following steps:

  • An excavation followed by the preparation of the foundation
  • A sealing of the crack throughout the wall
  • The installation of an elastomer waterproofing membrane with a thickness of 60 thousandths, etc.

Repair of cracks in window corners in Gatineau

Cracks can also appear in the corners of the windows of your home. When this happens, you can always count on us for repair work. Our expertise and know-how are indisputable in everything Gatineau

, in this case in the Hull


This is because these cracks often appear in the upper or lower part of windows. You can also discover them under the window when it comes to the foundations. You need to act quickly when you see this.

Therefore, they can give rise to the infiltration of moisture in your home. By calling on our company, they will be able to use special techniques to solve the problem. Hold on, they will make a high-pressure injection of flexible polyurethane. In addition, they will make waterproofing, installing an elastomeric waterproof membrane on the cracks.

Our expertise at your service

You will be able to benefit from all the expertise of Groupe Fissure Expert and see all the difference in quality existing on our repairs! For any question or repair on the cracks in your home, contact one of our experienced technicians at Groupe Fissure Expert inc.


Floor Crack Repair in Gatineau

Floor cracks are often seen in garages. They appear because of the presence of a large amount of water in this place. Other causes may justify the appearance of these kinds of cracks on concrete slabs.

For example, you have the removal of concrete during drying or the absence of a control joint. To solve the problem, we are at your disposal in Masson, Hull, etc.


Repair of concrete joints in Gatineau

Problems with concrete joint cracks should not be trivialized. This kind of fault is observed when the fusion between two concrete slabs fails. Whether at
, our staff knows how to delineate the problem and provide appropriate solutions. Among the reliable solutions we offer to our customers are the high-pressure injection of flexible polyurethane and the installation of elastomeric waterproof membrane.


Repair of holes in concrete and honeycomb

Holes in concrete, and honeycombs are formed when the material used during work is improperly installed. It can also occur when a vibration is not applied to the material during its placement. Thus, when you notice breaches in the concrete of foundation or honeycomb, you must act quickly to avoid any infiltration of water into your home.

To do this, contacting Fissure Expert is the best action. Our specialists choose one of the best solutions after diagnosis. It can be high-pressure or low-pressure injection.

Swimming pool

Concrete pool crack repair

Despite the strength of the concrete pool, it can happen that it suffers cracks. These most often lead to water leaks that can damage your structure. Ground or foundation movements can also be at the origin.

To overcome this state of affairs, Fissure-Expert is at your service in Hull

or throughout Gatineau

. We intervene by taking note of the causes of the crack in order to apply the appropriate solution. Better, our services have a ten-year guarantee.