Interior foundation crack repair

As with the roof and the walls, a building’s foundations are not immune to the formation of cracks. Repairing these foundation cracks is important for the protection of your home.

What causes your foundation cracks to form?

Cracks in your foundations can be due mainly to weather factors and the harshness of the climate where your building is located. The quality of the concrete and the soil at the time the foundations were built are also factors that explain the formation of foundation cracks.

You should also know that cracks on your foundation are normal, no matter how old the house is. Not all cracks necessarily require repair. However, if a crack appears to extend below the ground level, it may require expert intervention, especially if water seeps out of the crack. This has the potential to damage your home’s interior.

Interior foundation crack repair techniques

High pressure flexible polyurethane injection

This technique involves sealing a foundation crack by accessing it from inside the house. This course of action allows the work to be done at any time, year-round, even if there is water infiltration during the foundation crack repair.

This particular technique ensures the crack is fully repaired, specifically from one concrete foundation edge to the other, regardless of cement wall thickness (8, 10, 12 in/20, 25, 30 cm).

Our expertise at your service

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The injection procedure

The crack repair procedure consists of:

  1. Drilling holes along the foundation crack, at 4 to 12 inches (10 to 30 cm), at a 45-degree angle, to connect the crack in the middle of the concrete foundation wall.
  2. Cleaning the holes and crack on the concrete surface.
  3. Sealing the surface crack with an epoxy plaster to contain the injection liquid.
  4. Preliminary insertion of the mechanical metal injection ports into each of the holes.
  5. High pressure injection of flexible polyurethane all along the concrete crack, starting from the bottom to the top of the foundation.

For a clear overview, you can also watch our video about interior crack repair.

The methods

Concrete foundation crack repair can be carried out in two injection formats: High or low-pressure injection. For these injections, we use two types of products, polyurethane and epoxy, which have very different properties.

Injection advantages

This technique is feasible at all times, regardless of season. It is therefore effective in all conditions, even if there is water infiltration.

Repair results are instantaneous and your foundation crack sealing is comprehensive due to a very powerful product (great flexibility, excellent adhesion, significant tractive force).

Foundation crack repair is carried out without resorting to excavation and therefore has a very fast response time.

The Foundation Crack Expert Group guarantee

At Foundation Crack Expert Group, you will be dealing with genuine experts in foundation crack repair and we also offer you a 10-YEAR GUARANTEE IN WRITING transferable on all our crack repairs made with flexible polyurethane high-pressure injection.*

To avoid problems with your foundations and be guaranteed a comprehensive and fast repair, consider contacting one of our experts as soon as possible.

(*) Certain restrictions apply