Fissure-Expert in Rouyn-Noranda

The city of Rouyn-Noranda located in Abitibi-Témiscamingue is full of many lakes and rivers. This has an impact on the foundation of the houses. Hence the appearance of cracks in the structures. This problem must be remedied quickly to save your investment. To do this, call on the appropriate company: Fissure Expert. We operate on both shores and on the island of Montreal. Discover our know-how in the repair of cracks in concrete walls and foundations.

Interior crack of foundation on concrete foundation in Rouyn-Noranda

In this city of 43,182 inhabitants (January 2021), the foundations of the houses are usually made of concrete. But it happens that the interior of these foundations has various cracks due to climatic hazards, the high presence of water or moisture, the quality of concrete or other anthropogenic factors. Repairing these internal cracks is a very delicate operation. It is advisable to entrust it to companies specializing in crack repair such as the Fissure-Expert Foundation group. Our experienced professionals use the most advanced and appropriate techniques to repair internal cracks in the foundations. But the one we apply the most is the high-pressure injection of flexible polyurethane. Our injection technique is well structured and allows to have satisfactory results at all levels.

Waterproofing of exterior foundation cracks in Rouyn-Noranda

External cracks

may also appear at the foundation level. Our experts are also qualified to repair this type of cracks. To achieve this, we use thewaterproofing of external cracks

. In reality, this consists of:

  • Excavate and develop the foundation;
  • Seal the crack along the entire length;
  • Install an elastomeric waterproofing membrane with a thickness of 60 thousandths;
  • Put the repaired floor back in place.

Repair of cracks in the window corner in Rouyn-Noranda

The population of Rouyn-Noranda is faced with another type of crack causing discomfort. These are the
cracks in the window corner
that may appear in the upper and lower part of the window.

In addition, there are also cracks under windows in concrete foundations. In fact, when the windows are laid in these places, the concrete is no longer resistant. Remember that any foundation cracking is an open door to moisture and water.

To solve these problems, call on us. We are present throughout the city. We are also at the cutting edge of technology, as we use modern techniques to repair lizards.

By the way, for a sustainable solution, our experts plug cracks in window corners by injecting flexible polyurethane at high pressure. After that, they install an elastomeric-type waterproof layer to cover the cracked surface.

Our expertise at your service

You will be able to benefit from all the expertise of Groupe Fissure Expert and see all the difference in quality existing on our repairs! For any question or repair on the cracks in your home, contact one of our experienced technicians at Groupe Fissure Expert inc.


Repair of floor cracks in Rouyn-Noranda

A small crevice on the slab of your house in
is not a good sign. The same applies to floor breaches. For the closure of these small slots, we first identify the cause of the problem. It can be due to a removal of concrete, overload of the slab or others. After identifying the cause, our experts present you with the different possibilities of crack repair and help you make the best choice. Count on us, because we guarantee an excellent service to Rouynorandiens and Rouynorandiennes.


Repair of concrete joints in Rouyn-Noranda

The concrete joint in a foundation can also have crevices. If you notice breakage in any of the joints of your concrete, without hesitation, call a specialist. At Crack Expert Foundation, we apply the technique of injection of flexible polyurethane at high pressure to seal the cracks present in the joints. To ensure their tightness, we apply an elastomeric envelope to them. In short, with us, satisfaction is maximum when it comes to repairing concrete joints.


Repair of concrete holes and honeycomb in Rouyn-Noranda

Concrete is one of the most used materials in the installation of foundations because of its resistance to climatic hazards. However, we sometimes find on the surface concrete foundations, honeycombs, a sign of heterogeneity of the material. This type of disintegration gradually compromises the structural stability of these concrete foundations. Our experts can help you repair these holes in your concrete foundations to avoid generally more serious consequences. We repair the holes according to their different origins and according to their volumes. The technique we use for this type of restoration therefore depends on the diameter of each hole. At Fissure-Expert Foundation

, we use flexible


to seal the honeycomb.

Swimming pool

Concrete pool crack repair in Rouyn-Noranda

Concrete pools are the strongest and therefore the most durable over time. However, due to certain chemical elements present in the water, ground and anthropogenic movements, these works can sometimes show signs of cracking. Any repair of this problem by our experts is preceded by the analysis of the materials used during the installation of the pool. This allows us to apply a suitable and sustainable solution over time. The technique that our experts usually apply to solve this type of problem is the sealing of these cracks.