Fissure-Expert in Saint-Eustache

Despite being a modern city, most of the 44,154 inhabitants (2011) of Saint-Eustache sometimes experience unpleasant situations such as cracks in the walls and foundations. This state of affairs can worsen if no adequate measures are taken. Fortunately, our company Fissure-Expert is located in this municipality and helps you to remedy these foundation problems. To learn more about our services in Saint-Eustache in the Laurentians, consult this writing.

Waterproofing of exterior foundation cracks in Saint-Eustache

The repair of external cracks is one of our specialties in Chicot (Saint-Eustache). This means that we also repair external cracks on concrete foundations by applying a very suitable technique for a sustainable result over time. With us, such an operation is preceded by a thorough diagnosis. This consists of checking if the crack is basic or serious and if it goes all the way inside or not. This makes it possible to adopt the appropriate solutions. The technique we apply to close this breach is waterproofing. It is carried out in five phases. First of all, there is digging and fine-tuning of the foundation and then sealing the crack. Then the application of an elastomeric type waterproof envelope and sealing the edge of the envelope are done. Finally, the floor is put back in place.

Interior crack of foundation on concrete foundation in Saint-Eustache

We make sure to effectively repair interior cracks

concrete foundation of your homes, businesses and workplaces. In fact, it is crackerures caused most of the time by climatic parameters or the impact of human activities. To caulk these cracks, we introduce flexible


or epoxy

at high pressure in the latter. We carry out the operation in five steps namely:

  • Drilling holes along both sides of the crack;
  • Sanitation of holes and cracks on the surface of the concrete foundation;
  • Caulking of the crack from the inside with epoxy plastering;
  • Injection of high-pressure flexible polyurethane into the crack.

Repair of cracks in the window corner in Saint-Eustache

Cracks under windows are part of the crevices to take seriously if you live in

or anywhere in
. By the way, these breaches may appear in the upper corner, in the lower corner, at the bottom of the window, or at the top of the window. In any case, it is a question of a problem not to be trivialized. The best equipped and experienced team to deal with this problem is ours. To do this, we use two different and very effective techniques. We use the injection of flexible polyurethane or the waterproofing of an elastomeric membrane on the cracked surface.

Our expertise at your service

You will be able to benefit from all the expertise of Groupe Fissure Expert and see all the difference in quality existing on our repairs! For any question or repair on the cracks in your home, contact one of our experienced technicians at Groupe Fissure Expert inc.


Repair of floor cracks in Saint-Eustache

Cracking of concrete floors is one of the very common problems encountered by the population of
Grande-Fresnière in Saint-Eustache–Laurentides
. As the origin of these cracks, we can mention the detachment of a layer of slab concrete, the accumulation of water on the slab or the overload of slab. This usually causes water infiltration and the insulation of the house receives a blow. The cause of the crack determines the type of technique to be used to repair it. After repairing the crack, we advise you to install a French


on your floor to limit the accumulation of water on this support.


Concrete joint repair in Saint-Eustache

Cracks in concrete joints
put back
this is due to the tightness of the seal and must be quickly repaired to avoid serious consequences. We repair these breaks by applying the two methods used at the window corner, but differently. Unlike the case of the window corner, these two methods complement each other to repair the concrete joint crack. First, we inject the flexible polyurethane or high-pressure epoxy into the crack. Then we install an elastomeric membrane on the crack to make the concrete joint seal sealed.


Repair of holes in concrete or honeycomb in Saint-Eustache

The holes are also observable at the level of concrete constructions
and are called
honeycombs. These holes have
generally not
the same characteristics or origins as the cracks mentioned above. So, for their repair, it is first necessary to identify the cause of the appearance of the latter. At Fissure-Expert, we use flexible polyurethane or epoxy to solve this problem. Our experts, thanks to their experiences, referment

honeycombs with the technique of injection of flexible polyurethane or epoxy at high pressure or low pressure. This technique guarantees our customers a service
fast, efficient
and durable over time.

Swimming pool

Concrete pool crack repair in Saint-Eustache

Concrete pool cracks
are also repairable. At Fissure-Expert Foundation, we first determine the origin of the problem. Then we analyze the materials used to install the pool. Finally, we take into account the previous results when choosing the repair technique to use. In most cases, we inject either the epoxy or the flexible polyurethane at high or low pressure into the crack.