Foundation Crack Expert: Concrete wall crack repair technique from the inside


At Foundation Crack Expert Group, we are committed to providing you with the best expertise possible, notably due to our extensive experience in the field. We use a very special technique to permanently repair your cracks: concrete wall crack repair from the inside. Every member of Foundation Crack Expert Group uses this technique with undeniable skill.


Our specialty: Repairing concrete wall cracks from the inside

We have developed a technique that is specially tailored for residential homes. It allows us to repair your concrete wall cracks any day of the year since we work from inside your home. This a great advantage considering weather conditions in North America that can often prevent us from working on cracks from the outside.

In addition, we can repair your cracks even if your foundations have already been affected by water infiltration.

For this, two technical processes are used to repair your foundation cracks from the inside: high pressure injection and low-pressure injection. These techniques are carried out using two products to repair your cracked concrete wall: flexible polyurethane and epoxy, which each have distinct properties.

Our repair results are immediate and the crack is completely sealed thanks to our very high-performance products (great flexibility, excellent adhesion, high tractive force). The concrete wall crack repair from the inside is done without resorting to excavation, which allows Foundation Crack Expert Group to rapidly respond to the problem.

How do foundation cracks appear?

Climate harshness: an undeniable factor in foundation crack formation

First and foremost, you need to be aware that foundation crack formation is normal, regardless of a home’s age. They are often due to harsh weather or climate, as can be found in Canada and United States.

The quality of the concrete and soil at the time your foundations were laid should also be taken into account. To find out if you need to repair a concrete wall crack from the inside, check if the crack extends below the ground surface.

Window corner cracks

As you can see in the video, foundation cracks can often form in a window corner. They commonly appear in the upper part of the window and will form another in the lower part in over half of the cases. These are often vertical tension cracks, which appear a few months after the facade is constructed.

Windows reduce the strength of concrete and create a void in the foundation, making the structure more vulnerable.

The problem with these cracks is that they often cause water infiltration, which puts the building structure at risk.

Foundation Crack Expert Group is confident that we have the most efficient process for repairing concrete wall cracks from the inside. Foundation Crack Expert Group’s experience has been transferred to all our employees, who always do their best to meet your expectations with courtesy and respect. For quick and lasting repairs, contact one of our experts.