Concrete foundation sealing – Water infiltration through a formwork rod

Formwork rods are used in the construction of concrete foundation walls. Their function is to hold the formwork shapes in place to achieve a wall thickness of 20-25cm (8-10 inches), which is the standard in the residential sector. In rare cases, the formwork rods allow water to infiltrate into the basement.

In response to such a water infiltration problem, Foundation Crack Expert Group offers polyurethane injection. This is a quick, minimally invasive and permanent solution.

Detecting water infiltration through a formwork rod

Water always takes the path of least resistance. This is why if a foundation rod has managed to create a passage connecting the exterior to the interior of the concrete foundation, it is inevitable that water will penetrate it and reach the subsoil.

tige de coffrage infiltration

In such a case, you may see a small coin-sized stain appear around the edges of the formwork rods or the holes left by the rods. If the problem has existed for a longer period of time, it is possible that the water has left a trace that extends to the ground. (see photo)

tige de coffrage infiltrationtige de coffrage infiltration d'eau

In other cases, you may also notice that part of the concrete wall is darker, a sign of dampness and water infiltration. (see photo)

tige de coffragetige de coffrage

A technique for sealing the concrete foundations from the inside of the building

If water seeps into your basement, it can cause major damage to building materials and even promote the growth of mold. This is why you need to deal with the problem as soon as you become aware of it.

To do this, Foundation Crack Expert Group uses a high-pressure polyurethane injection technique, similar to that used to seal cracks in concrete. The procedure is carried out from the inside of the basement to fill the space where infiltration occurs from inside to outside. It therefore restores the waterproofing of the foundations without having to excavate outside.

This allows the work to be carried out at any time, year-round, even if there is water infiltration at the time of the work.

Guaranteed service by Foundation Crack Expert Group

Our goal is to provide each of our customers with maximum satisfaction. Our high-pressure polyurethane injection services to stop water infiltration through formwork rods are therefore backed by a 10-year transferable warranty*. That’s the Foundation Crack Expert Group guarantee!

Contact one of our offices if you want to make sure that you get professional and long-lasting solutions and a dry basement.

(*) Certain restrictions apply